Our Mission

At Verona Industrial Equipment, our mission is to help our customers
operate at the most productive, efficient, and cost-effective level by providing the highest-quality motors, drives and transmissions.
Team photo 2021, staff at Verona Industrial Equipment
We have a long-standing reputation as being the largest independent motor and drives distributor in the United States.  Since 1932, we have provided manufacturing replacement commutators for DC motors as the Universal Electric brand, which was established by the Johnson family in Detroit, Mich.  As A/C motors became popular, Universal Electric began distributing and repairing A/C motors. In the early 1970’s, Universal Electric became GE Motor distributor, and by the early 90’s, became one of largest independent distributors of electric motors in the United States. In 2012, the business was acquired by Williams Distributing and in 2017 acquired by Verona Industrial Equipment.   Today, Verona Industrial Equipment is keeping the tradition alive in being one of the largest independent motor and drives distributors in the United States.
Through our commitment to customer service with passion and integrity, we have retained our tradition of providing the highest quality products offered from our preferred partnerships with our select manufacturers.


Verona Industrial Equipment is now hiring. Seeking individuals with experience and desire to provide excellent customer service. From part-time to full-time, with the opportunity to work into an outside sales position. Click Careers to learn more & apply today.