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Invertek Optidrive ECO HVAC

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Multiple Fan Operation

Co-ordinated fan station control built-in to each Optidrive Eco as standard allows independent control in multiple fan or fan bank applications.

  • All drives operate as variable speed for maximum energy saving.
  • Equal run time sharing across each fan / fan bank.
  • Automatic system reconfiguration in the event of a fan fault.
  • Continued system operation when drives are individually powered off.
  • Communication and +24V control voltage shared between drives via a standard RJ45 patch lead.
  • Independent maintenance indicators for each fan bank.
  • Any fan bank can be switched to Hand operation at the touch of a button and will automatically rejoin the network when switched back to Auto.
  • For belt driven fan applications each fan can be set for belt break detection.
  • Optional mains isolator with lockoff for safe system maintenance.
  • Drives configured through simple parameter set-up and intelligent drive self configuration.

Also ideal for multi-stage/booster set pumping operations.

Invertek Optidrive Eco HVAC Brochure - VIE