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Leeson Washdown Washguard Motors

Leeson washdown duty motors


Designed to meet the demanding washdown conditions that you may find in food processing plants, chemical processing, pharmaceutical plants and the beverage and brewing industries.


• USDA-approved white epoxy finish

• Stainless steel motors

• Encapsulated stainless steel motors available

• NEMA® and IEC flange motors

• Three phase, single phase and DC wash down duty motors

• AC and DC wash down gearmotors

• Rigid base and C face mount types

• BISSC approved designs

• Double lip contact seals and v-ring seals used for shaft seals

• Encapsulated and premium efficient models

• Washdown brake motors and pump motors available

• UL recognized and CSA certified

WHITE DUCK – Enhanced performance in wet, humid areas

• Our original moisture-shedding “duck” motor

• Durable USDA-approved white epoxy finish

• Stainless steel shaft, conduit box cover, nameplate, fan guard

• Drains for all mounting orientations

• Meets IP55 enclosure protection

WASHDOWN II – Superior, extended life in severe environments

• Paint-free exterior—stainless frame and conduit box lid

• Specially processed end shields and conduit box housing

• Etched stainless steel nameplate

• Meets IP55 enclosure protection

• Drains for all mounting Orientations

SST DUCK – Stainless Steel Tough for demanding wash down applications

• All exterior components of 300-Series stainless steel, including motor frame, end shield and conduit

box castings

• Moisture resistant sealant between frame and end bells

• Full-fact nameplate is laser-etched on the motor frame

• Four locations for T-drains provided on each end shield

• Meets IP55 enclosure protection

PREMIUM STAINLESS DUCK – Maximum service in critically clean or corrosive environments

• All exterior components of 300-Series stainless steel

• End shields O-ring sealed to frame

• Meets IP56 enclosure protection

• (SGRs) shaft grounding rings

• Laser etched full fact nameplate

EXTREME DUCK ULTRA – Fully encapsulated motors designed for extreme washdown conditions

• Fully encapsulated stainless-steel motor

• All exterior components are 300-Series stainless steel

• (SRGs) shaft grounding rings

• Meets IP69 enclosure protection

• 360° rotatable conduit box

• Full fact nameplate is laser etched

Leeson Washdown Brochure