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Marathon Explosion Proof NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors

Verona Industrial Equipment

Meets NEMA Premium efficiencies
• Bearing Current Protection (BCP), as noted
• 10:1 variable torque, see Inverter Duty column for constant torque
• MAX GUARD® Class F insulation
• Blue Chip Series® motor quality, 100% cast iron construction for rigidity
and reduced vibration
• Internal and external surfaces treated with epoxy paint
• 1.15 service factor on sinewave or 1.0 service factor on IBGT power
• Precision balanced to .08”/sec.
• Extended grease tubes
• Normally closed thermostats (must be connected to control circuit)
• Meets temperature code T3B
• Shaft slinger
• Nameplated 60/50 Hz, 190/380 volts, at next lower HP, as noted