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Marathon Inverter Black MAX Motor


Designed for inverter or vector applications where up to a 1000:1 constant torque speed range is required. Typical uses include: material handling, machine tools, conveyors, crane and hoist, metal processing, test stands, pumps compressors, textile processing, and other industrial machinery installed in dusty or dirty environments.

MAX GUARDR Class F insulation system

• Constant torque operation from 0 to base speed on vector drive

• Constant horsepower operation up to twice base RPM

• Continuous duty at 40oC ambient

• Optimized for operation with IGBT inverter (NEMAR Design A)

• Normally closed thermostats (one per phase, Class F)

• Removable rigid base, as noted

• Ball bearings

• Field reversible to F2 (except as noted)

• Encoder and brake provisions included on opposite drive end (maximum 10 lb-ft brake, see modifications and/or accessory kits sections)

• UL recognized, CSA certified, and CE mark

• Three-year warranty