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Marathon Severe Duty NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors


For extreme applications in the process industries such as chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, refineries, aboveground mines, food processing, foundries, and other severe duty environments where long life and ultra-high efficiency are required. Guaranteed efficiencies offer an extra Return on your Investment (ROI) when using these premium efficiency motors on high cycle or long run applications.

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• Meets or exceeds NEMA Premium efficiencies

• NEMA Premium models are in compliance with EISA 2007

• Bearing Current Protection (BCP) on selected items

• Blue Chip series quality, 100% cast iron construction for rigidity and reduced vibration

• Inpro/ Seal VBXR bearing isolators on drive end shaft extension TENV and on both ends of TEFC

• Internal and external epoxy paint

• MAX GUARD motor Class H insulation system

• Inverter duty rated on the nameplate

• Bearing caps (182T and larger)

• Precision balanced to .08”/sec

• Extended grease tubes, regreasable in service

• Bronze sintered drain and breather

• Meets General Motors GM 7E-TA automotive duty specification

• Meets Ford®* EM1 automotive duty specification

• Meets IEEE45 USCG Marine Duty, API RPI4F for offshore platforms, IP56

• Meets NEMA MG1 – 1.26.6 waterproof specification

• Hazardous Duty motor Division 2 CSA certification nameplate

• Division 2/ Zone 2 Class I (gases), Groups A, B, C, D

• Meets temperature code T2B

• Actual test and vibration data supplied with each motor

• Ball bearings and roller bearings available

• ULR*recognized (through 449T) and CSA certified and CE mark

• Five year warranty