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WEG Explosion Proof Motors

WEG explosion proof motors product spec

WEG Explosion Proof motors are suitable for applications requiring UL or CSA certification for hazardous locations.

Features that make a difference:

• NPT threaded terminal box

• Non-sparking fan

• Thermostats

• IP55 rated enclosure

• VFD Rated

Explosion Proof Motors Standard Features:

• Class F insulation (Impregnation Resin and Magnet wire are class H)

• F1 Mounted

• Stainless Steel Nameplate – Laser etched with high contrast background

• Regreasable ball bearings (Frames 254T and up)

• Corrosion resistant Epoxy/Polyurethane Paint system (C3 per ISO12944)

• CSA Approved – File LR50962

– Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D Temperature Code T3C

– Class II, Division 1, Groups F & G Temperature Code T3C

• UL Listed – File E87848

– Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D

– Class II, Division 1, Groups F & G1

– Frame (143T-326T) Temperature Code T3C2

– Frame (364T and up) Temperature Code T3C

1) Class II UL only available as IP54 Modification. Stock units are Class II only for cCSAUS

2)T4 Temperature Code available on sine wave power as mod

3)As MOD available with 20:1 CT inverter speed range 143T to 447T with cCSAUS only markings

4)1000:1 Constant torque available as factory build with XP blower or as a modification with 20% derated HP.

CULUS / CCSAUS Inverter Rated: 143T – 586/7

UL Listed – (File E87848)

CSA US – (Certificate 1629892)

Constant Torque 3) 4)

20:1 for frames 143T to 215T – Class I & II

6:1 for frames 254T to 326T – Class I & II

2:1 for frame 364/5T to 586/7T – Class I & II

(Class I only for 449T)

Variable Torque

1000:1 for all frames excluding 449T – Class I & II

1000:1 for 449T – Class I only