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WEG Three Phase General Purpose Motors

WEG general purpose three phase motor

• 50/60 Hz rated (380V on nameplate – 400/415 available)

• Rated 50HZ at same horsepower up to 250HP 1.0 Service Factor for 2, 4 & 6 pole motors

• Rated 50Hz at same horsepower up to 125HP 1.0 Service Factor for 8 pole motors

• Class F insulation (impregnation resin and magnet wire are class H)

• F1 mounted (cast iron frames are F2 convertible). Frames 447T and up can easily be F2 converted by simply rotating the terminal box adapter

• Cast iron frames: regreasable ball bearings (frames 254T and up)

• Gasketed conduit box


Three Phase General Purpose Motors Features that make a difference:

• All NEMA Premium® ratings have a 1.25 Service Factor (up to 100 HP) resulting in cooler operation and extended life of the motor

• All Cast Iron Construction, including Terminal Box and Fan Cover*

• Solid feet for reduced vibration levels and impact absorption

• Optimized ventilation system for cooler operation and extended life

• High Grade FC200 cast iron provides superior mechanical strength and heat dissipation

• All WEG W22 motors are Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled with a true IP55 rating against dust and moisture. (IP56, IP65 and IP66 available as options)

• Exclusive W-Seal 364T and larger provides superior bearing protection

• Taconite Labyrinth seal 586 Frame and larger

• Exclusive WEG painting system exceed 200hrs ASTM 117 corrosion test (Exceeds IEEE 841 standard)

• Balanced to 0.08 inches per second vibration limits (Meets IEEE 841 standard)

• Four Bolt Conduit Cover with glued Neoprene Gasket

• Impregnation Resin and magnet wire are insulation class H

• Stainless Steel Nameplate – Laser etched with high contrast background

• Corrosion Proof Drains

• Inverter Duty per NEMA MG1, Part 31

• Certified Class I Div 2, Groups A, B, C & D, Class II, Div 2, Groups F & G

• Suitable for IEEE45 and USCG 259 – Marine Duty

*Cast iron fan cover available as an option on 143-215T frames

Inverter Rated*

1000:1 for Variable Torque

NEMA Premium®

20:1 Constant Torque up to 250HP

6:1 Constant Torque 300HP and up

* Insulated NDE housing standard on L447/9T and above