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Marathon General Purpose Three Phase Motor

Globetrotter TOTALLY ENCLOSED MOTORS Customers choose Globetrotter motors for general purpose industrial applications. Why? Globetrotter motors, 1.5 HP through 200 HP, provide the much sought-after durability and dependability. The redesigned totally enclosed cast iron construction now includes: • IP55 protection • Division 2/ Zone 2, Class I (gases), Groups A, B, C, D • Dual…

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WEG Three Phase General Purpose Motors

WEG general purpose three phase motor

• 50/60 Hz rated (380V on nameplate - 400/415 available) • Rated 50HZ at same horsepower up to 250HP 1.0 Service Factor for 2, 4 & 6 pole motors • Rated 50Hz at same horsepower up to 125HP 1.0 Service Factor for 8 pole motors • Class F insulation (impregnation resin and magnet wire are…

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